An update from Director Katie Miller:

Technical rehearsals always have their own unique challenges: Technical rehearsals in public spaces, even more so as it turns out…

The set: one bench and one garbage can

…Our set consists of one bench and one garbage can. Having politely asked the gentleman who sat on our bench to eat his lunch to leave, a student crossed the set and deposited the remains of his lunch in our garbage can. The playwright began to wax lyrical about sacred spaces and whether we recognize them or not, the crew attempted to keep us moving along. Students paused, hearing heaven knows what on floating across the quad; an abandoned row of chairs left from freshman orientation were filled and vacated, the girl fight drawing the largest crowd – bread and circuses. Then amid the chaos a man with a white cane worked his way slowly across the set, carefully marking the edge of the steps as the actors didn’t miss a beat… I think we are ready for worlds to collide.

Catfight between Phyllis and Siobhan