An update from Director Katie Miller:

Lady Gaga claims to live ‘halfway between reality and theatre’ Last night we hit our halfway point. Two weeks since we met each other, sat round a table and read; two weeks until we are performing on the lawns of Loyola. The additional milestone being it was the first rehearsal off book. The actors navigated the Mamet-esque dialogue and Northern Irish dialect with equal courage. Credit to Amy our stage manager who began giving the lines in dialect… in fact that call for ‘line’ developed a distinctly elongated vowel as the evening progressed.

The glorious collage that is a production is taking shape. Somewhere in the chemistry of word, movement and stillness living characters are emerging; the floor is littered with increasingly distressed rehearsal props; five shocking orange dresses graced the studio Monday night. I know that a red angel in a tiara has nearly taken form behind the scenes. At present it is a chaos of many growing things, but as Phyllis shouts from her whirling dervish brush with spirituality (in more relief than triumph at having nearly got through the scene in the case of last night’s rehearsal…) ‘One.. .united…Word becomes flesh…’ It is coming together. We are forging these words to flesh.